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We are a leading agro-industrial and exporting company that offers diverse products to the world. We offer Frejol loctao, Frejol caupi among a wide variety of beans, cultivated in a sustainable way with state-of-the-art technology. Our mission is to bring the authentic flavors of Peru to the world, ensuring quality and freshness in each shipment.
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Muchik Exports

We want to become the most important export and distribution company of premium Peruvian organic products in the world, reaching all markets, countries and continents.

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We work in close collaboration with local farms. We grow and harvest diverse products such as alfalfa, loctao beans, castilla beans and a wide variety of these with the best technology and pivot irrigation.


Once the products are harvested, we subject them to a careful processing process. We use techniques that preserve the quality and nutritional benefits of the food.


The packaging stage is crucial to maintain the freshness and quality of our products. We use environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging materials, such as paper bags or compostable bags. In addition, we ensure that products are hermetically sealed to protect them from moisture and contamination.

Our products are grown in fields irrigated by pivots.

Our farmers use organic farming methods, such as crop rotation, composting and natural pest control. We also avoid the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs throughout the process.

Alfalfa ensures a fast digestive transit, provides a significant amount of soluble fiber, and is an excellent...
Castile Beans
It is a cream-colored black eye bead in the middle of irregular shape around the thread....
Loctao Beans
It is a legume native to Southeast Asia, which responds positively to the soil and climatic conditions of our area....
Frejol Diversos
We have a wide variety of fresh and high quality beans. From red beans to black beans, white beans and more...

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With presence in more than 3 countries, including Peru, Spain and the United States,

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